Research Facilities


Most of the processing in our group takes place in our own cleanroom (ISO Class 7).

We have the following facilities:

  • Wetbenches with spincoater, ovens etc.
  • Spincoaters in N2 atmosphere
  • Metal evaporators (N2 atmosphere)
  • Organic evaporator (N2 atmosphere)
  • Profilometer: Dektak XT
  • Maskless lithography: SmartForce Tech. SmartPrint
  • Dr. Blading and Dipcoating tools (N2 atmosphere) 

New cleanroom facilities in Feringa Building

In May 2024 our group will move to the Feringa Building, the new high tech house of our faculty, which is being build right next to our current location. We made a animated video tour of the P&OE part of the new cleanroom facilities.

Material characterization

We use a broad set of (optical) techniques to charaterize the materialproperties. In our labs you can find:

  • Photoluminsecense setup based on a femtosecond laser and 2 streakcamera’s
  • Pump-probe transient absorption setup based on supercontinuum laser
  • Raman confocal microscope Renishaw inVia Qontor
  • Ellipsometer J.A.Wollam V-Vase VB400
  • AFM Bruker Dimension Icon
  • Photoinduced Spectroscopy setup
  • UV-VIS Spectrometer Shimadzu UV-3600
  • FTIR Spectrometer Shimadzu IRTracer-100
  • Confocal microsope Nikon Eclipse Ti


Device characterization

If we want to evaluate the electrical behaviour and performance of our devices, we can choose from a number of state-of-the-art measurement tools:

  • EQE measurement setups
  • Solar simulators
  • 2 probestations in N2 atmosphere with microscopes
  • 2 low temperature probestations (incl. Janis ST500, down to 4.2K)
  • IV Analyzers / Semiconductor Characterization Systems: Agilent E5262A, E5270B & Keithley 4200-SCS
  • SMU’s: Keysight B2912A,  Keithley 2400’s, a number of other Keithley models