Our research in the popular media

Besides publications in scientific journals, our group every now and then gets attention from the regular media. This gives us the opportunity to showcase our efforts to a bigger part of society, and to translate our results to a format that can be appreciated by a broader public (unfortunately some are in Dutch).

Turning heat into power with efficient organic thermo-electric material (with video!)

Nov 2020

Science Linx interviewed Jan Anton Koster about his team’s work on thermoelectrics with buckyballs. In a nice video Jan Anton explains the work.

Maria wins Physica prize 2018!!

March 2018

Interview in “Dagblad van het Noorden” with Maria, related to  winning the “Physicaprijs 2018” from the NNV (Dutch Physics Society). More info on: the RUG website and the NNV website.

Chameleon materials: the origin of colour variation in low-dimensional perovskites

May 2020

Science writer Rene Fransen made a nice piece of popular science about our publication in Nature Communications

Hot electrons: overcoming the Goldilocks problem

Jan 2018

An article in the NRC (Dutch newspaper) tells the public about our hot electrons.

Hybrid perovskites promise cheaper solar panels, better X-ray detectors

April 2016

Science Linx, the University’s outreach agency (mainly targeting high school students), has done a piece on our work in the Perovskite field.

The Order of the Dot

June 2019

A nice summary of the publication of Daniel Balazs on Colloidal‐Quantum‐Dot Superlattices in “Materials Connect” (MRSBulletin)

The search for a better solar cell

May 2016

 An Article in NRC (in Dutch), about recent developments in Perovskite solar cells, and our work in that field.