Publications list of the Koster group

All Articles that have Jan Anton Koster as (co-)author
105Duijnstee,E. A.; Ball,J.M.; Le Corre,V.M.; Koster,L.J.A.; Snaith,H.J. and Lim,J.;
Toward Understanding Space-Charge Limited Current Measurements on Metal Halide Perovskites
Acs Energy Letters vol.5, p.376-384 (2020)
104van der Kaap,N. J.; Katsouras,I.; Asadi,K.; Blom,P.W.M.; Koster,L.J.A. and de Leeuw,D.M.;
Reply to "Comment on 'Charge transport in disordered semiconducting polymers driven by nuclear tunneling'"
Physical Review B vol.102, p.066202 (2020)
103Rousseva,S.; den Besten,H.; van Kooij,F.S.; Doting,E.L.; Doumon,N.Y.; Douvogianni,E.; Koster,L.J.A. and Hummelen,J.C.;
Reaching a Double-Digit Dielectric Constant with Fullerene Derivatives
Journal of Physical Chemistry C vol.124, p.8633-8638 (2020)
102Ye,G.; Liu,Y.; Liu,J.; Qiu,X.; Koster,L.J.A. and Chiechi,R.C.;
Protonic acid doping of low band-gap conjugated polyions
Materials Chemistry Frontiers vol.4, p.3585-3593 (2020)
101Liu,J.; van der Zee,B.; Alessandri,R.; Sami,S.; Dong,J.; Nugraha,M.I.; Barker,A.J.; Rousseva,S.; Qiu,L.; Qiu,X.; Klasen,N.; Chiechi,R.C.; Baran,D.; Caironi,M.; Anthopoulos,T.D.; Portale,G.; Havenith,R.W.A.; Marrink,S.J.; Hummelen,J.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
N-type organic thermoelectrics: demonstration of ZT > 0.3
Nature Communications vol.11, p.5694 (2020)
100Firdaus,Y.; Le Corre,V.M.; Karuthedath,S.; Liu,W.; Markina,A.; Huang,W.; Chattopadhyay,S.; Nahid,M.M.; Nugraha,M.I.; Lin,Y.; Seitkhan,A.; Basu,A.; Zhang,W.; McCulloch,I.; Ade,H.; Labram,J.; Laquai,F.; Andrienko,D.; Koster,L.J.A. and Anthopoulos,T.D.;
Long-range exciton diffusion in molecular non-fullerene acceptors
Nature Communications vol.11, p.5220 (2020)
99Massetti,M.; Bonfadini,S.; Nava,D.; Butti,M.; Criante,L.; Lanzani,G.; Qiu,L.; Hummelen,J.C.; Liu,J.; Koster,L.J.A. and Caironi,M.;
Fully direct written organic micro-thermoelectric generators embedded in a plastic foil
Nano Energy vol.75, p.104983 (2020)
98Abdu-Aguye,M.; Doumon,N.Y.; Terzic,I.; Dong,J.; Portale,G.; Loos,K.; Koster,L.J.A. and Loi,M.A.;
Can Ferroelectricity Improve Organic Solar Cells?
Macromolecular Rapid Communications vol.41, p.2000124 (2020)
97Hu,D.; Yang,Q.; Chen,H.; Wobben,F.; Le Corre,V.M.; Singh,R.; Liu,T.; Ma,R.; Tang,H.; Koster,L.J.A.; Duan,T.; Yan,H.; Kan,Z.; Xiao,Z. and Lu,S.;
15.34% Efficiency All-Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells with an Improved Fill Factor Enabled by a Fullerene Additive
Energy & Environmental Science vol.13, p.2134-2141 (2020)
96Stolterfoht,M.; Le Corre,V.M.; Feuerstein,M.; Caprioglio,P.; Koster,L.J.A. and Neher,D.;
Voltage-Dependent Photoluminescence and How It Correlates with the Fill Factor and Open-Circuit Voltage in Perovskite Solar Cells
Acs Energy Letters vol.4, p.2887-2892 (2019)
95Kniepert,J.; Paulke,A.; Perdigon-Toro,L.; Kurpiers,J.; Zhang,H.; Gao,F.; Yuan,J.; Zou,Y.; Le Corre,V.M.; Koster,L.J.A. and Neher,D.;
Reliability of charge carrier recombination data determined with charge extraction methods
J.Appl.Phys. vol.126, p.205501 (2019)
94Doumon,N. Y.; Dryzhov,M.V.; Houard,F.V.; Le Corre,V.M.; Chatri,A.R.; Christodoulis,P. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Photostability of Fullerene and Non-Fullerene Polymer Solar Cells: The Role of the Acceptor
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.11, p.8310-8318 (2019)
93Liu,J.; Shi,Y.; Dong,J.; Nugraha,M.I.; Qiu,X.; Su,M.; Chiechi,R.C.; Baran,D.; Portale,G.; Guo,X. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Overcoming Coulomb Interaction Improves Free-Charge Generation and Thermoelectric Properties for n-Doped Conjugated Polymers
Acs Energy Letters vol.4, p.1556-1564 (2019)
92Doumon,N. Y.; Houard,F.V.; Dong,J.; Christodoulis,P.; Dryzhov,M.V.; Portale,G. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Improved photostability in ternary blend organic solar cells: the role of [70]PCBM
Journal of Materials Chemistry C vol.7, p.5104-5111 (2019)
91Doumon,N. Y.; Houard,F.V.; Dong,J.; Yao,H.; Portale,G.; Hou,J. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Energy level modulation of ITIC derivatives: Effects on the photodegradation of conventional and inverted organic solar cells
Organic Electronics vol.69, p.255-262 (2019)
90Doumon,N. Y. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Effects of the Reduction and/or Fluorination of the TT-Units in BDT-TT Polymers on the Photostability of Polymer:Fullerene Solar Cells
Solar Rrl vol.3, p.1800301 (2019)
89Liu,J.; Maity,S.; Roosloot,N.; Qiu,X.; Qiu,L.; Chiechi,R.C.; Hummelen,J.C.; von Hauff,E. and Koster,L.J.A.;
The Effect of Electrostatic Interaction on n-Type Doping Efficiency of Fullerene Derivatives
Advanced Electronic Materials vol.5, p.1800959 (2019)
88Liu,J.; Garman,M.P.; Dong,J.; van der Zee,B.; Qiu,L.; Portale,G.; Hummelen,J.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Doping Engineering Enables Highly Conductive and Thermally Stable n-Type Organic Thermoelectrics with High Power Factor
Acs Applied Energy Materials vol.2, p.6664-6671 (2019)
87Ye,G.; Doumon,N.Y.; Rousseva,S.; Liu,Y.; Abdu-Aguye,M.; Loi,M.A.; Hummelen,J.C.; Koster,L.J.A. and Chiechi,R.C.;
Conjugated Polyions Enable Organic Photovoltaics Processed from Green Solvents
Acs Applied Energy Materials vol.2, p.2197-2204 (2019)
86Le Corre,V. M.; Stolterfoht,M.; Perdigon Toro,L.; Feuerstein,M.; Wolff,C.; Gil-Escrig,L.; Bolink,H.J.; Neher,D. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Charge Transport Layers Limiting the Efficiency of Perovskite Solar Cells: How To Optimize Conductivity, Doping, and Thickness
Acs Applied Energy Materials vol.2, p.6280-6287 (2019)
85Liu,J.; Qiu,L.; Portale,G.; Torabi,S.; Stuart,M.C.A.; Qiu,X.; Koopmans,M.; Chiechi,R.C.; Hummelen,J.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Side-chain effects on N-type organic thermoelectrics: A case study of fullerene derivatives
Nano Energy vol.52, p.183-191 (2018)
84Le Corre,V. M.; Chatri,A.R.; Doumon,N.Y. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Response to Comment on "Charge Carrier Extraction in Organic Solar Cells Governed by Steady-State Mobilities"
Advanced Energy Materials vol.8, p.1803125 (2018)
83Gao,F.; Koster,L.J.A.; Thuc-Quyen Nguyen and Stingelin,N.;
Organic Photovoltaics
Advanced Energy Materials vol.8, p.1802706 (2018)
82Liu,J.; Ye,G.; van der Zee,B.; Dong,J.; Qiu,X.; Liu,Y.; Portale,G.; Chiechi,R.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
N-Type Organic Thermoelectrics of Donor-Acceptor Copolymers: Improved Power Factor by Molecular Tailoring of the Density of States
Adv Mater vol.30, p.1804290 (2018)
81Chatri,A. R.; Torabi,S.; Le Corre,V.M. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Impact of Electrodes on Recombination in Bulk Heterojunction Organic Solar Cells
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.10, p.12013-12020 (2018)
80Shao,S.; Liu,J.; Portale,G.; Fang,H.; Blake,G.R.; ten Brink,G.H.; Koster,L.J.A. and Loi,M.A.;
Highly Reproducible Sn-Based Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells with 9% Efficiency
Advanced Energy Materials vol.8, p.1702019 (2018)
79Liu,J.; Qiu,L.; Alessandri,R.; Qiu,X.; Portale,G.; Dong,J.; Talsma,W.; Ye,G.; Sengrian,A.A.; Souza,P.C.T.; Loi,M.A.; Chiechi,R.C.; Marrink,S.J.; Hummelen,J.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Enhancing Molecular n-Type Doping of Donor-Acceptor Copolymers by Tailoring Side Chains
Adv Mater vol.30, p.1704630 (2018)
78Kiefer,D.; Giovannitti,A.; Sun,H.; Biskup,T.; Hofmann,A.; Koopmans,M.; Cendra,C.; Weber,S.; Koster,L.J.A.; Olsson,E.; Rivnay,J.; Fabiano,S.; McCulloch,I. and Muller,C.;
Enhanced n-Doping Efficiency of a Naphthalenediimide-Based Copolymer through Polar Side Chains for Organic Thermoelectrics
Acs Energy Letters vol.3, p.278-285 (2018)
77Colberts,F. J. M.; Wienk,M.M.; Heuvel,R.; Li,W.; Le Corre,V.M.; Koster,L.J.A. and Janssen,R.A.J.;
Bilayer-Ternary Polymer Solar Cells Fabricated Using Spontaneous Spreading on Water
Advanced Energy Materials vol.8, p.1802197 (2018)
76Torabi,S.; Cherry,M.; Duijnstee,E.A.; Le Corre,V.M.; Qiu,L.; Hummelen,J.C.; Palasantzas,G. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Rough Electrode Creates Excess Capacitance in Thin-Film Capacitors
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.9, p.27290-27297 (2017)
75Doumon,N. Y.; Wang,G.; Chiechi,R.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Relating polymer chemical structure to the stability of polymer:fullerene solar cells
Journal of Materials Chemistry C vol.5, p.6611-6619 (2017)
74Sherkar,T. S.; Momblona,C.; Gil-Escrig,L.; Avila,J.; Sessolo,M.; Bolink,H.J. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Recombination in Perovskite Solar Cells: Significance of Grain Boundaries, Interface Traps, and Defect Ions
Acs Energy Letters vol.2, p.1214-1222 (2017)
73Liu,J.; Qiu,L.; Portale,G.; Koopmans,M.; ten Brink,G.; Hummelen,J.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
N-Type Organic Thermoelectrics: Improved Power Factor by Tailoring Host-Dopant Miscibility
Adv Mater vol.29, (2017)
72Sherkar,T. S.; Momblona,C.; Gil-Escrig,L.; Bolink,H.J. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Improving Perovskite Solar Cells: Insights From a Validated Device Model
Advanced Energy Materials vol.7, p.1602432 (2017)
71Zhou,D.; Doumon,N.Y.; Abdu-Aguye,M.; Bartesaghi,D.; Loi,M.A.; Koster,L.J.A.; Chiechi,R.C. and Hummelen,J.C.;
High-quality conjugated polymers via one-pot Suzuki-Miyaura homopolymerization
Rsc Advances vol.7, p.27762-27769 (2017)
70Qiu,L.; Liu,J.; Alessandri,R.; Qiu,X.; Koopmans,M.; Havenith,R.W.A.; Marrink,S.J.; Chiechi,R.C.; Koster,L.J.A. and Hummelen,J.C.;
Enhancing doping efficiency by improving host-dopant miscibility for fullerene-based n-type thermoelectrics
Journal of Materials Chemistry a vol.5, p.21234-21241 (2017)
69Shao,S.; Liu,J.; Fang,H.; Qiu,L.; ten Brink,G.H.; Hummelen,J.C.; Koster,L.J.A. and Loi,M.A.;
Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells over a Broad Temperature Window: The Role of the Charge Carrier Extraction
Advanced Energy Materials vol.7, p.1701305 (2017)
68Le Corre,V. M.; Chatri,A.R.; Doumon,N.Y. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Charge Carrier Extraction in Organic Solar Cells Governed by Steady-State Mobilities
Advanced Energy Materials vol.7, p.1701138 (2017)
67Shao,S.; Chen,Z.; Fang,H.-.; ten Brink,G.H.; Bartesaghi,D.; Adjokatse,S.; Koster,L.J.A.; Kooi,B.J.; Facchetti,A. and Loi,M.A.;
N-type polymers as electron extraction layers in hybrid perovskite solar cells with improved ambient stability
Journal of Materials Chemistry a vol.4, p.2419-2426 (2016)
66Neher,D.; Kniepert,J.; Elimelech,A. and Koster,L.J.A.;
A New Figure of Merit for Organic Solar Cells with Transport-limited Photocurrents
Scientific Reports vol.6, p.24861 (2016)
65van der Kaap,N. J. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Massively parallel kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of charge carrier transport in organic semiconductors
Journal of Computational Physics vol.307, p.321-332 (2016)
64Shao,S.; Abdu-Aguye,M.; Sherkar,T.S.; Fang,H.; Adjokatse,S.; ten Brink,G.; Kooi,B.J.; Koster,L.J.A. and Loi,M.A.;
The Effect of the Microstructure on Trap-Assisted Recombination and Light Soaking Phenomenon in Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells
Advanced Functional Materials vol.26, p.8094-8102 (2016)
63Abbaszadeh,D.; Doumon,N.Y.; Wetzelaer,G.A.H.; Koster,L.J.A. and Blom,P.W.M.;
Effect of the layer thickness on the efficiency enhancement in bilayer polymer light-emitting diodes
Synth.Met. vol.215, p.64-67 (2016)
62Torabi,S.; Liu,J.; Gordiichuk,P.; Herrmann,A.; Qiu,L.; Jahani,F.; Hummelen,J.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Deposition of LiF onto Films of Fullerene Derivatives Leads to Bulk Doping
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.8, p.22623-22628 (2016)
61Bartesaghi,D.; Ye,G.; Chiechi,R.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Compatibility of PTB7 and [70]PCBM as a Key Factor for the Stability of PTB7:[70]PCBM Solar Cells
Advanced Energy Materials vol.6, p.1502338 (2016)
60van der Kaap,N. J.; Katsouras,I.; Asadi,K.; Blom,P.W.M.; Koster,L.J.A. and de Leeuw,D.M.;
Charge transport in disordered semiconducting polymers driven by nuclear tunneling
Physical Review B vol.93, p.140206 (2016)
59Tempelaar,R.; Koster,L.J.A.; Havenith,R.W.A.; Knoester,J. and Jansen,T.L.C.;
Charge Recombination Suppressed by Destructive Quantum Interference in Heterojunction Materials (vol 7, pg 198, 2016)
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters vol.7, p.3659-3659 (2016)
58van der Kaap,N. J. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Charge carrier thermalization in organic diodes
Scientific Reports vol.6, p.19794 (2016)
57Sherkar,T. S. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Can ferroelectric polarization explain the high performance of hybrid halide perovskite solar cells?
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol.18, p.331-338 (2016)
56Torabi,S.; Jahani,F.; Van Severen,I.; Kanimozhi,C.; Patil,S.; Havenith,R.W.A.; Chiechi,R.C.; Lutsen,L.; Vanderzande,D.J.M.; Cleij,T.J.; Hummelen,J.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Strategy for Enhancing the Dielectric Constant of Organic Semiconductors Without Sacrificing Charge Carrier Mobility and Solubility
Advanced Functional Materials vol.25, p.150-157 (2015)
55Huisman,E. H.; Shulga,A.G.; Zomer,P.J.; Tombros,N.; Bartesaghi,D.; Bisri,S.Z.; Loi,M.A.; Koster,L.J.A. and van Wees,B.J.;
High Gain Hybrid Graphene-Organic Semiconductor Phototransistors
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.7, p.11083-11088 (2015)
54Moench,T.; Sherkar,T.S.; Koster,L.J.A.; Friederich,P.; Riede,M.; Formanek,P.; Koerner,C.; Vandewal,K.; Wenzel,W. and Leo,K.;
Experimental and theoretical study of phase separation in ZnPc:C-60 blends
Organic Electronics vol.27, p.183-191 (2015)
53Kniepert,J.; Lange,I.; Heidbrink,J.; Kurpiers,J.; Brenner,T.J.K.; Koster,L.J.A. and Neher,D.;
Effect of Solvent Additive on Generation, Recombination, and Extraction in PTB7:PCBM Solar Cells: A Conclusive Experimental and Numerical Simulation Study
Journal of Physical Chemistry C vol.119, p.8310-8320 (2015)
52Bartesaghi,D. and Koster,L.J.A.;
The Effect of Large Compositional Inhomogeneities on the Performance of Organic Solar Cells: A Numerical Study
Advanced Functional Materials vol.25, p.2013-2023 (2015)
51Sherkar,T. S. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Dielectric Effects at Organic/Inorganic Interfaces in Nanostructured Devices
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.7, p.11881-11889 (2015)
50Voortman,T. P.; Bartesaghi,D.; Koster,L.J.A. and Chiechi,R.C.;
Cross-Conjugated n-Dopable Aromatic Polyketone
Macromolecules vol.48, p.7007-7014 (2015)
49Bartesaghi,D.; Perez,I.d.C.; Kniepert,J.; Roland,S.; Turbiez,M.; Neher,D. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Competition between recombination and extraction of free charges determines the fill factor of organic solar cells
Nature Communications vol.6, p.7083 (2015)
48Bartesaghi,D.; Turbiez,M. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Charge transport and recombination in PDPP5T:[70]PCBM organic solar cells: The influence of morphology (vol 15, pg 3191, 2014)
Organic Electronics vol.24, p.330-330 (2015)
47Madsen,M. V.; Gevorgyan,S.A.; Pacios,R.; Ajuria,J.; Etxebarria,I.; Kettle,J.; Bristow,N.D.; Neophytou,M.; Choulis,S.A.; Roman,L.S.; Yohannes,T.; Cester,A.; Cheng,P.; Zhan,X.; Wu,J.; Xie,Z.; Tu,W.; He,J.; Fell,C.J.; Anderson,K.; Hermenau,M.; Bartesaghi,D.; Koster,L.J.A.; Machui,F.; Gonzalez-Valls,I.; Lira-Cantu,M.; Khlyabich,P.P.; Thompson,B.C.; Gupta,R.; Shanmugam,K.; Kulkarni,G.U.; Galagan,Y.; Urbina,A.; Abad,J.; Roesch,R.; Hoppe,H.; Morvillo,P.; Bobeico,E.; Panaitescu,E.; Menon,L.; Luo,Q.; Wu,Z.; Ma,C.; Hambarian,A.; Melikyan,V.; Hambsch,M.; Burn,P.L.; Meredith,P.; Rath,T.; Dunst,S.; Trimmel,G.; Bardizza,G.; Muellejans,H.; Goryachev,A.E.; Misra,R.K.; Katz,E.A.; Takagi,K.; Magaino,S.; Saito,H.; Aoki,D.; Sommeling,P.M.; Kroon,J.M.; Vangerven,T.; Manca,J.; Kesters,J.; Maes,W.; Bobkova,O.D.; Trukhanov,V.A.; Paraschuk,D.Y.; Castro,F.A.; Blakesley,J.; Tuladhar,S.M.; Roehr,J.A.; Nelson,J.; Xia,J.; Parlak,E.A.; Tumay,T.A.; Egelhaaf,H.; Tanenbaum,D.M.; Ferguson,G.M.; Carpenter,R.; Chen,H.; Zimmermann,B.; Hirsch,L.; Wantz,G.; Sun,Z.; Singh,P.; Bapat,C.; Offermans,T. and Krebs,F.C.;
Worldwide outdoor round robin study of organic photovoltaic devices and modules
Solar Energy Mater.Solar Cells vol.130, p.281-290 (2014)
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The Role of Photon Energy in Free Charge Generation in Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
Advanced Energy Materials vol.4, p.1400416 (2014)
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Fullerene derivatives with increased dielectric constants
Chemical Communications vol.50, p.10645-10647 (2014)
44Slooff,L. H.; Veenstra,S.C.; Kroon,J.M.; Verhees,W.; Koster,L.J.A. and Galagan,Y.;
Describing the light intensity dependence of polymer:fullerene solar cells using an adapted Shockley diode model
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol.16, p.5732-5738 (2014)
43Koster,L. J. A.; Khodabakhsh,S. and Greenham,N.C.;
Controlling the assembly of CdS nanorods via solvent and acidity
Soft Matter vol.10, p.6485-6490 (2014)
42Kniepert,J.; Lange,I.; van der Kaap,N.J.; Koster,L.J.A. and Neher,D.;
A Conclusive View on Charge Generation, Recombination, and Extraction in As-Prepared and Annealed P3HT:PCBM Blends: Combined Experimental and Simulation Work
Advanced Energy Materials vol.4, p.1301401 (2014)
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Charge transport and recombination in PDPP5T:[70]PCBM organic solar cells: The influence of morphology
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Morphology and Efficiency: The Case of Polymer/ZnO Solar Cells
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Trap-Assisted Recombination in Disordered Organic Semiconductors
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Spatial Modeling of the 3d Morphology of Hybrid Polymer-Zno Solar Cells, Based on Electron Tomography Data
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Scaling Theory for Percolative Charge Transport in Disordered Molecular Semiconductors
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Quantifying Bimolecular Recombination Losses in Organic Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells
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Multiscale Approach to the Representation of 3d Images, with Application to Polymer Solar Cells
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Discriminating between Bilayer and Bulk Heterojunction Polymer: Fullerene Solar Cells Using the External Quantum Efficiency
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.3, p.3252-3255 (2011)
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