Programs and Cooperations

As a multidisciplinary group P&O-E combines expertise in Chemistry and Physics to further our research. We complement our experimental approach with theoretical modelling, and we seek cooperation with different researchers, both on national as on international level. Below you  can find our most prominent cooperations, and the programs we are part of.


SolarNL is a national research, innovation, and industrial investment program to stimulate PV manufacturing in the Netherlands and Europe.
The SolarNL program has been awarded subsidy from the National Growth Fund (Nationaal Groeifonds) on June 30, 2023.

Visit the SolarNL website to find out more about this ambitious program.

SOLARLab National Photovoltaics Research Program

SOLARLab is the consortium of all researchers in the Netherland active in photovoltaics research. The goal of SOLARLab is to carry out a joint research agenda to

  • Demonstrate record-efficiency stable, sustainable solar cells
  • Form a powerful ecosystem with a strong voice for PV research in NL and abroad
  • Enhance PV collaboration in NL​, share laboratories and coordinate funding streams

On the website you can find more information.