Hybrid Perovskites Workshop 2017

Groningen, July 6th, 2017

Satellite workshop of the NextGen III: PV Materials Conference



Hybrid halide perovskites have developed over the past few years as a very promising active material for solar cells.

Despite the high solar cell efficiency reached up until now, fundamental knowledge on the properties of these materials is largely lacking and there are still substantial technological challenges to be overcome to make of hybrid perovskites a viable technology.

It is the aim of this workshop to bring together all researchers in The Netherlands who are working on hybrid halide perovskites, covering fundamental photophysical properties, theory, solar cell fabrication and other optoelectronic applications.

We hope this workshop can serve as a platform for future collaborations on perovskites materials! We strongly encourage the attendance of PhD students and postdocs.


Important Notification: until 17-05-2015 we had technical problems with our Online Registration Form below. The registration of people who registered in the period before 17-05-2017 (10:00 hrs Amsterdam time) might have been lost. If you registered before that moment, and did not yet receive a Registration Confirmation, please register again. If you are in doubt, please email u.g.schmidt@rug.nl.


Confirmed Speakers

  • Aditya Mohite (Los Alamos Laboratories, USA)
  • Ni Zhao (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
  • Ferdinand Grozema (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands)
  • Graeme Blake (University of Groningen, Netherlands)
  • Bruno Ehrler (AMOLF, Netherlands)


Senate Room, Academy building RUG
Broerstraat 5
9712 CP Groningen

Lunch & postersession:
Van Swinderen Huys
Oude Boteringestraat 19
9712 GC Groningen

Date and time:

July 6th, 2017  09:30 – 18:00

Organising committee

Maria Antonietta Loi
Jan Anton Koster


Registration details:

Workshop fee: €40,- p.p.

Registration deadlines:
29 – 06 – 2017 (with presentation)
01 – 07 – 2017 (without presentation)

IBAN bank account nr:  NL45ABNA0474567206
In name of: University of Groningen
Please quote “190137940 HPW17” in your payment

for more info: u.g.schmidt@rug.nl

Academy building (Workshop)

van Swinderen (Lunch)