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209Kahmann, S.; Shao, S.; Loi, M.A.
Cooling, Scattering, and Recombination - The Role of the Material Quality for the Physics of Tin Halide Perovskites
Adv. Funct. Mater. 29, 1902963 (2019).
208Kahmann, S.; Shulga, A.; Loi, M.A.
Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Transistors - Powerful Research Tools and Their Future Applications
Adv. Funct. Mater. 29 1904174 (2019).
207Shao, S.; Dong, J.; Duim, H.; ten Brink, G. H.; Blake, G.R.; Portale, G.; Loi, M. A.
Enhancing the crystallinity and perfecting the orientation of formamidinium tin iodide for highly efficient Sn-based perovskite solar cells
Nano Energy 60 810–816 (2019).
206Shulga, A.G.; Yamamura, A.; Tsuzuku, K.; Dragoman, R.M.; Dirin, D.N.; Watanabe, S.; Kovalenko, M.V.; Takeya, J.; Loi, M.A.
Patterned Quantum Dot Photosensitive FETs for Medium Frequency Optoelectronics
Adv.Mater. Technol. 1900054 (2019).
205Ye, G.; Doumon, N.Y.; Rousseva, S.; Liu, Y.; Abdu-Aguye, M.; Loi, M.A.; Hummelen, J.C.; Koster, J.A.; Chiechi, R.C.
Conjugated Polyions Enable Organic Photovoltaics Processed from Green Solvents
ACS Appl. Energy Mater. 2, 2197−2204 (2019).
204Gu, M.; Wang, Y.; Yang, F.; Lu, K.; Xue, Y.; Wu, T.; Fang, H.-H.; Zhou, S.; Zhang, Y.; Ling, X.; Xu, Y.; Li, F.; Yuan, Y.; Loi, M.A.; Liu, Z.; Ma, W.
Stable PbS quantum dot ink for efficient solar cellsby solution-phase ligand engineering
J. Mater. Chem. A 7,15951 (2019).
203Min, J.; Sun, R.; Guo, J.; Wu, Q.; Zhang, Z.; Yang, W.; Guo, J.; Shi, M.; Ye, L.; Jiao, X.; Kahmann, S.; Loi, M.A.; Zhang, Y.; Shen, Q.; Ade, H.; Tang, W.; Brabec, C.J.
A multi-objective optimization-based layer-by-layer blade-coating approach for organic solar cells: rational control of vertical stratification for high performance
Energy Environ. Sci. just accepted.
202Meng, R.; Guangbao, W.; Huigiong, Z.; Fang, H.-H.; Loi, M.A.; Zhang, Y.
Understanding the Impact of Bismuth Heterovalent Doping on the Structural and Photophysical Properties of CH3NH3PbBr3 Halide Perovskite Crystals with Near‐IR Photoluminescence
Chem.Eur.J. 25 5480-5488 (2019).
201Gasparini, N.; Kahmann, S.; Salvador, M.; Perea, J.D.; Sperlich, A.; Baumann, A.; Li, N.; Spiecker, E.; Dyakonov, V.; Portale, G.; Loi, M.A.; Brabec, C.J.; Ameri; T.
Favorable Mixing Thermodynamics in Ternary Polymer Blends for Realizing High Efficiency Plastic Solar Cells
Adv. Energy Mater. 9 1803394 (2019).
200Che, X.; Traore, B.; Katan, C.; Fang, H.-H.; Loi, M.A.; Even, J.; Kepenekian, M.
Charge Trap Formation and Passivation in Methylammonium Lead Tribromide
J. Phys. Chem. C 123 13812-13817 (2019).
199Marino, E.; Balazs, D.M.; Crisp, R.W.,Hermida-Merino, D; Loi, M.A.; Kodger, T.E.; Schall, P.
Controlling Superstructure-Property Relationships via Critical Casimir Assembly of Quantum Dots
J. Phys. Chem. C 123 13451-13457 (2019).
198Talsma, W., Sengrian, A. A., Salazar‐Rios, J. M., Duim, H., Abdu‐Aguye, M., Jung, S., Allard, S., Scherf, U., Loi, M. A.
Remarkably Stable, High‐Quality Semiconducting Single‐Walled Carbon Nanotube Inks for Highly Reproducible Field‐Effect Transistors.
Adv. Electron. Mater.1900288 (2019).
197Adjokatse, S; Kahmann, S.; Duim, H. and Loi, M.A.
Effects of strontium doping on the morphological, structural, and photophysical properties of FASnI3 perovskite thin films
APL Mater. 7, 031116 (2019)
196Adjokatse, S.; Fang, H.-H.; Duim H. and Loi, M.A.
Scalable fabrication of high-quality crystalline and stable FAPbI3 thin films by combining doctor- blade coating and the cation exchange reaction
Nanoscale 11, 5989, (2019)
195Adjokatse, S.; Kardula, J.; Fang, H.-H.; Shao, S.; ten Brink, G.H. and Loi, M.A.
Effect of the Device Architecture on the Performance of FA0.85MA0.15PbBr0.45I2.55 Planar Perovskite Solar Cells
Adv. Mater. Interfaces, 6, 1801667, (2019)
194Gasparini, N.; Kahmann, S.; Salvador, M.; Perea, J.D.; Sperlich, A.; Baumann, A.; Li, N. Rechberger, S.; Spiecker, E.; Dyakonov, V.; Portale, G.; Loi, M.A.; Brabec, C.J. and Ameri, T.
Favorable Mixing Thermodynamics in Ternary Polymer Blends for Realizing High Efficiency Plastic Solar Cells
Adv. Energy Mater. 1803394, (2019)
193Kahmann,S. and Loi,M.A.;
Hot carrier solar cells and the potential of perovskites for breaking the Shockley-Queisser limit
Journal of Materials Chemistry C vol.7, p.2471-2486 (2019)
192Zu,F.; Amsalem,P.; Egger,D.A.; Wang,R.; Wolff,C.M.; Fang,H.; Loi,M.A.; Neher,D.; Kronik,L.; Duhm,S. and Koch,N.;
Constructing the Electronic Structure of CH3NH3PbI3 and CH3NH3PbBr3 Perovskite Thin Films from Single-Crystal Band Structure Measurements
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters vol.10, p.601-609 (2019)
191Fang,H.; Yang,J.; Tao,S.; Adjokatse,S.; Kamminga,M.E.; Ye,J.; Blake,G.R.; Even,J. and Loi,M.A.;
Unravelling Light-Induced Degradation of Layered Perovskite Crystals and Design of Efficient Encapsulation for Improved Photostability
Advanced Functional Materials vol.28, p.1800305 (2018)
190Salazar-Rios,J. M.; Talsma,W.; Derenskyi,V.; Gomulya,W.; Keller,T.; Fritsch,M.; Kowalski,S.; Preis,E.; Wang,M.; Allard,S.; Bazan,G.C.; Scherf,U.; dos Santos,M.C. and Loi,M.A.;
Understanding the Selection Mechanism of the Polymer Wrapping Technique toward Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes
Small Methods vol.2, p.UNSP 1700335 (2018)
189Zhou,J.; Fang,H.; Wang,H.; Meng,R.; Zhou,H.; Loi,M.A. and Zhang,Y.;
Understanding the Passivation Mechanisms and Opto-Electronic Spectral Response in Methylammonium Lead Halide Perovskite Single Crystals
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.10, p.35580-35588 (2018)
188Kahmann,S.; Sytnyk,M.; Schrenker,N.; Matt,G.J.; Spiecker,E.; Heiss,W.; Brabec,C.J. and Loi,M.A.;
Revealing Trap States in Lead Sulphide Colloidal Quantum Dots by Photoinduced Absorption Spectroscopy
Advanced Electronic Materials vol.4, p.1700348 (2018)
187Nirmalraj,P.; dos Santos,M.C.; Rios,J.M.S.; Davila,D.; Vargas,F.; Scherf,U. and Loi,M.A.;
Polymer-Nanocarbon Topological and Electronic Interface
Langmuir vol.34, p.6225-6230 (2018)
186Toccoli,T.; Bettotti,P.; Cassinese,A.; Gottardi,S.; Kubozono,Y.; Loi,M.A.; Manca,M. and Verucchi,R.;
Photophysics of Pentacene-Doped Picene Thin Films
Journal of Physical Chemistry C vol.122, p.16879-16886 (2018)
185Sarritzu,V.; Sestu,N.; Marongiu,D.; Chang,X.; Wang,Q.; Loi,M.A.; Quochi,F.; Saba,M.; Mura,A. and Bongiovanni,G.;
Perovskite Excitonics: Primary Exciton Creation and Crossover from Free Carriers to a Secondary Exciton Phase
Advanced Optical Materials vol.6, p.1700839 (2018)
184Han,L.; Balazs,D.M.; Shulga,A.G.; Abdu-Aguye,M.; Ma,W. and Loi,M.A.;
PbSe Nanorod Field-Effect Transistors: Room- and Low-Temperature Performance
Advanced Electronic Materials vol.4, p.1700580 (2018)
183Kamminga,M. E.; Fang,H.; Loi,M.A.; ten Brink,G.H.; Blake,G.R.; Palstra,T.T.M. and ten Elshof,J.E.;
Micropatterned 2D Hybrid Perovskite Thin Films with Enhanced Photoluminescence Lifetimes
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.10, p.12878-12885 (2018)
182Fang,H.; Adjokatse,S.; Shao,S.; Even,J. and Loi,M.A.;
Long-lived hot-carrier light emission and large blue shift in formamidinium tin triiodide perovskites
Nature Communications vol.9, p.243 (2018)
181Gatti,T.; Lamberti,F.; Topolovsek,P.; Abdu-Aguye,M.; Sorrentino,R.; Perino,L.; Salerno,M.; Girardi,L.; Marega,C.; Rizzi,G.A.; Loi,M.A.; Petrozza,A. and Menna,E.;
Interfacial Morphology Addresses Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells Based on Composite Hole Transporting Materials of Functionalized Reduced Graphene Oxide and P3HT
Solar Rrl vol.2, p.UNSP 1800013 (2018)
180Wang,Y.; Lu,K.; Han,L.; Liu,Z.; Shi,G.; Fang,H.; Chen,S.; Wu,T.; Yang,F.; Gu,M.; Zhou,S.; Ling,X.; Tang,X.; Zheng,J.; Loi,M.A. and Ma,W.;
In Situ Passivation for Efficient PbS Quantum Dot Solar Cells by Precursor Engineering
Adv Mater vol.30, p.1704871 (2018)
179Shao,S.; Liu,J.; Portale,G.; Fang,H.; Blake,G.R.; ten Brink,G.H.; Koster,L.J.A. and Loi,M.A.;
Highly Reproducible Sn-Based Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells with 9% Efficiency
Advanced Energy Materials vol.8, p.UNSP 1702019 (2018)
178Lu,K.; Wang,Y.; Liu,Z.; Han,L.; Shi,G.; Fang,H.; Chen,J.; Ye,X.; Chen,S.; Yang,F.; Shulga,A.G.; Wu,T.; Gu,M.; Zhou,S.; Fan,J.; Loi,M.A. and Ma,W.;
High-Efficiency PbS Quantum-Dot Solar Cells with Greatly Simplified Fabrication Processing via "Solvent-Curing"
Adv Mater vol.30, p.1707572 (2018)
177Shao,S.; Cui,Y.; Duim,H.; Qiu,X.; Dong,J.; ten Brink,G.H.; Portale,G.; Chiechi,R.C.; Zhang,S.; Hou,J. and Loi,M.A.;
Enhancing the Performance of the Half Tin and Half Lead Perovskite Solar Cells by Suppression of the Bulk and Interfacial Charge Recombination
Adv Mater vol.30, p.1803703 (2018)
176Salazar-Rios,J. M.; Sukharevska,N.; Speirs,M.J.; Jung,S.; Dirin,D.; Dragoman,R.M.; Allard,S.; Kovalenko,M.V.; Scherf,U. and Loi,M.A.;
Enhancing Quantum Dot Solar Cells Stability with a Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Interlayer Below the Top Anode
Advanced Materials Interfaces vol.5, p.1801155 (2018)
175Liu,J.; Qiu,L.; Alessandri,R.; Qiu,X.; Portale,G.; Dong,J.; Talsma,W.; Ye,G.; Sengrian,A.A.; Souza,P.C.T.; Loi,M.A.; Chiechi,R.C.; Marrink,S.J.; Hummelen,J.C. and Koster,L.J.A.;
Enhancing Molecular n-Type Doping of Donor-Acceptor Copolymers by Tailoring Side Chains
Adv Mater vol.30, p.1704630 (2018)
174Shulga,A. G.; Kahmann,S.; Dirin,D.N.; Graf,A.; Zaumseil,J.; Kovalenko,M.V. and Loi,M.A.;
Electroluminescence Generation in PbS Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Field-Effect Transistors with Solid-State Gating
Acs Nano vol.12, p.12805-12813 (2018)
173Bederak,D.; Balazs,D.M.; Sukharevska,N.V.; Shulga,A.G.; Abdu-Aguye,M.; Dirin,D.N.; Kovalenko,M.V. and Loi,M.A.;
Comparing Halide Ligands in PbS Colloidal Quantum Dots for Field-Effect Transistors and Solar Cells
Acs Applied Nano Materials vol.1, p.6882-6889 (2018)
173Zhou,Y.; Jia,Y.; Fang,H.; Loi,M.A.; Xie,F.; Gong,L.; Qin,M.; Lu,X.; Wong,C. and Zhao,N.;
Composition-Tuned Wide Bandgap Perovskites: From Grain Engineering to Stability and Performance Improvement
Advanced Functional Materials vol.28, p.1803130 (2018)
172Derenskyi, V., Gomulya, W., Gao, J., Bisri, S. Z., Pasini, M., Loo, Y. L., & Loi, M. A.
Semiconducting SWNTs sorted by polymer wrapping: How pure are they?
Applied Physics Letters, 112(7) (2018)
171Shulga, A.G.; Kahmann, S.; Dirin, D.N.; Graf, A.; Zaumseil, J.; Kovalenko, M.V.; Loi, M.A.
Electroluminescence Generation in PbS Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Field-Effect Transistors with Solid-State Gating
ACS Nano 12, 12805–12813, (2018)
170Kahmann, S.; Gomulya, W.; Loi, M.A.; Mura, A.
Donor–acceptor photoexcitation dynamics in organic blends investigated with a high sensitivity pump–probe system
J. Mater. Chem. C 6, 10822-10828, (2018)
169Balazs, D.M.; Matysiak, B.M.; Momand, J.; Shulga, A.G.; Ibáñez M.; Kovalenko M.V.; Kooi B.J.; Loi, M.A.
Electron Mobility of 24 cm2 V−1 s−1 in PbSe Colloidal‐Quantum‐Dot Superlattices
Advanced materials vol.30, Issue38, September 20, 2018,1802265 (2018)
168Kahmann, S.; Loi, M.A.; Brabec, C.J.
Delocalisation softens polaron electronic transitions and vibrational modes in conjugated polymers
J. Mater. Chem. C, 6, 6008. (2018)
167Balazs, D.M.; Loi, M.A.
Lead‐Chalcogenide Colloidal‐Quantum‐Dot Solids: Novel Assembly Methods, Electronic Structure Control, and Application Prospects
Advanced Materials, 10 june 2018
166Balazs, D.M.; Rizkia, N; Fang, H., Dirin, D.N.; Momand J.; Kooi B.J.; Kovalenko M.V.; Loi, M.A.
Colloidal Quantum Dot Inks for Single-Step-Fabricated Field-Effect Transistors: The Importance of Postdeposition Ligand Removal
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2018, 10 (6), pp 5626–5632 (2018)
165Kahmann, S.; Sytnyk, M.; Schrenker, N.; Matt, G.J.; Spiecker, E.; Heiss, W.; Brabec, C.J.; Loi, M.A.
Revealing Trap States in Lead Sulphide Colloidal Quantum Dots by Photoinduced Absorption Spectroscopy
Adv. Electron. Mater. 4, 1700348, (2017)
164Guarracino,P.; Gatti,T.; Canever,N.; Abdu-Aguye,M.; Loi,M.A.; Menna,E. and Franco,L.
Probing photoinduced electron-transfer in graphene-dye hybrid materials for DSSC
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics vol.19, p.27716-27724 (2017)
163Derenskyi,V.; Gomulya,W.; Talsma,W.; Salazar-Rios,J.M.; Fritsch,M.; Nirmalraj,P.; Riel,H.; Allard,S.; Scherf,U. and Loi,M.A.
On-Chip Chemical Self-Assembly of Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs): Toward Robust and Scale Invariant SWNTs Transistors
Adv Mater vol.29, p.1606757 (2017)
162Groeneveld,B. G. H. M.; Najafi,M.; Steensma,B.; Adjokatse,S.; Fang,H.; Jahani,F.; Qiu,L.; ten Brink,G.H.; Hummelen,J.C. and Loi,M.A.
Improved efficiency of NiOx-based p-i-n perovskite solar cells by using PTEG-1 as electron transport layer
Apl Materials vol.5, p.076103 (2017)
161Zhou,D.; Doumon,N.Y.; Abdu-Aguye,M.; Bartesaghi,D.; Loi,M.A.; Koster,L.J.A.; Chiechi,R.C. and Hummelen,J.C.
High-quality conjugated polymers via one-pot Suzuki-Miyaura homopolymerization
Rsc Advances vol.7, p.27762-27769 (2017)
160Fang,H.; Protesescu,L.; Balazs,D.M.; Adjokatse,S.; Kovalenko,M.V. and Loi,M.A.
Exciton Recombination in Formamidinium Lead Triiodide: Nanocrystals versus Thin Films
Small vol.13, p.UNSP 1700673 (2017)
159Nugraha,M. I.; Kumagai,S.; Watanabe,S.; Sytnyk,M.; Heiss,W.; Loi,M.A. and Takeya,J.
Enabling Ambipolar to Heavy n-Type Transport in PbS Quantum Dot Solids through Doping with Organic Molecules
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.9, p.18039-18045 (2017)
158Adjokatse,S.; Fang,H. and Loi,M.A.
Broadly tunable metal halide perovskites for solid-state light-emission applications
Materials Today vol.20, p.413-424 (2017)
157Kahmann, S.; Salazar Rios, J.M.; Zink, M.; Allard, S.; Scherf, U.; dos Santos, M.C.; Brabec C.J.; Loi, M.A.
Excited-State Interaction of Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with Their Wrapping Polymers
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 2017, 8, pp 5666–5672 (2017)
156Balazs, D.M.; Bijlsma, K.I.; Fang, H.; Dirin, D.N.; Döbeli, M.; Kovalenko, M.V.; Loi, M.A.
Stoichiometric control of the density of states in PbS colloidal quantum dot solids
Science Advances 29 Sep 2017, Vol. 3, no. 9 (2017)
155Groeneveld, B.G.H.M.; Najafi, M.; Steensma, B.; Adjokatse, S.; Fang, H.; Jahani, F.; Qiu, L.; ten Brink, G.H.; Hummelen, J.C.; Loi, M.A.
Improved efficiency of NiOx-based p-i-n perovskite solar cells by using PTEG-1 as electron transport layer
APL Materials vol 5, Issue 7, 076103 (2017)
154Shulga, A.G.; Derenskyi, V.; Salazar-Rios, J.M.; Dirin, D.N.; Fritsch, M.; Kovalenko, M.V.; Scherf, U.; Loi, M.A.
An All-Solution-Based Hybrid CMOS-Like Quantum Dot/Carbon Nanotube Inverter
Advanced Materials (2017)
153Nugraha,M. I.; Matsui,H.; Watanabe,S.; Kubo,T.; Hausermann,R.; Bisri,S.Z.; Sytnyk,M.; Heiss,W.; Loi,M.A. and Takeya,J.
Strain-Modulated Charge Transport in Flexible PbS Nanocrystal Field-Effect Transistors
Advanced Electronic Materials vol.3, p.1600360 (2017)
152Li,J.; Liu,L.; Chen,J.; Jeng,J.; Liao,P.; Chiang,H.; Chang,T.; Nugraha,M.I. and Loi,M.A.
Localized tail state distribution and hopping transport in ultrathin zinc-tin-oxide thin film transistor
Appl.Phys.Lett. vol.110, p.023504 (2017)
151Nugraha,M. I.; Hausermann,R.; Watanabe,S.; Matsui,H.; Sytnyk,M.; Heiss,W.; Takeya,J. and Loi,M.A.
Broadening of Distribution of Trap States in PbS Quantum Dot Field-Effect Transistors with High-k Dielectrics
Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces vol.9, p.4719-4724 (2017)
150Speirs, M.J. ; Balazs, D.M.; Dirin, D.N.; Kovalenko, M.V.; Loi, M.A.
Increased efficiency in pn-junction PbS QD solar cells via NaHS treatment of the p-type layer
Appl. Phys. Lett. 110, 103904 (2017)
149Fang,H.; Adjokatse,S.; Wei,H.; Yang,J.; Blake,G.R.; Huang,J.; Even,J. and Loi,M.A.
Ultrahigh sensitivity of methylammonium lead tribromide perovskite single crystals to environmental gases
Science Advances vol.2, p.e1600534 (2016)
148D'Innocenzo,V.; Luzio,A.; Abdalla,H.; Fabiano,S.; Loi,M.A.; Natali,D.; Petrozza,A.; Kemerink,M. and Caironi,M.
Two-dimensional charge transport in molecularly ordered polymer field-effect transistors
Journal of Materials Chemistry C vol.4, p.11135-11142 (2016)
147Nugraha,M. I.; Matsui,H.; Bisri,S.Z.; Sytnyk,M.; Heiss,W.; Loi,M.A. and Takeya,J.
Tunable doping in PbS nanocrystal field-effect transistors using surface molecular dipoles
Apl Materials vol.4, p.116105 (2016)
146Fang,H.; Wang,F.; Adjokatse,S.; Zhao,N. and Loi,M.A.
Photoluminescence Enhancement in Formamidinium Lead Iodide Thin Films
Advanced Functional Materials vol.26, p.4653-4659 (2016)
145Wang,F.; Geng,W.; Zhou,Y.; Fang,H.; Tong,C.; Loi,M.A.; Liu,L. and Zhao,N.
Phenylalkylamine Passivation of Organolead Halide Perovskites Enabling High-Efficiency and Air-Stable Photovoltaic Cells
Adv Mater vol.28, p.9986-9992 (2016)
144Bucella,S. G.; Salazar-Rios,J.M.; Derenskyi,V.; Fritsch,M.; Scherf,U.; Loi,M.A. and Caironi,M.
Inkjet Printed Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Based Ambipolar and Unipolar Transistors for High-Performance Complementary Logic Circuits
Advanced Electronic Materials vol.2, p.UNSP 1600094 (2016)
143Shao,S.; Abdu-Aguye,M.; Qiu,L.; Lai,L.; Liu,J.; Adjokatse,S.; Jahani,F.; Kamminga,M.E.; ten Brink,G.H.; Palstra,T.T.M.; Kooi,B.J.; Hummelen,J.C. and Loi,M.A.
Elimination of the light soaking effect and performance enhancement in perovskite solar cells using a fullerene derivative
Energy & Environmental Science vol.9, p.2444-2452 (2016)
142Shao,S.; Abdu-Aguye,M.; Sherkar,T.S.; Fang,H.; Adjokatse,S.; ten Brink,G.; Kooi,B.J.; Koster,L.J.A. and Loi,M.A.
The Effect of the Microstructure on Trap-Assisted Recombination and Light Soaking Phenomenon in Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells
Advanced Functional Materials vol.26, p.8094-8102 (2016)
141Zhou,Y.; Wang,F.; Fang,H.; Loi,M.A.; Xie,F.; Zhao,N. and Wong,C.
Distribution of bromine in mixed iodide-bromide organolead perovskites and its impact on photovoltaic performance
Journal of Materials Chemistry a vol.4, p.16191-16197 (2016)
140Kamminga,M. E.; Fang,H.; Filip,M.R.; Giustino,F.; Baas,J.; Blake,G.R.; Loi,M.A. and Palstra,T.T.M.
Confinement Effects in Low-Dimensional Lead Iodide Perovskite Hybrids
Chemistry of Materials vol.28, p.4554-4562 (2016)
139Pedesseau,L.; Sapori,D.; Traore,B.; Robles,R.; Fang,H.; Loi,M.A.; Tsai,H.; Nie,W.; Blancon,J.; Neukirch,A.; Tretiak,S.; Mohite,A.D.; Katan,C.; Even,J. and Kepenekian,M.;
Advances and Promises of Layered Halide Hybrid Perovskite Semiconductors
Acs Nano vol.10, p.9776-9786 (2016)
138Speirs, M.J. ; Dirin, D.N.; Abdu-Aguye, M.; Balazs, D.M.; Kovalenko, M.V.; Loi, M.A.
Temperature dependent behaviour of lead sulfide quantum dot solar cells and films
Energy Environ. Sci., 9, 2916-2924 (2016)
137Kahmann S.; Fazzi D.; Matt G.J.; Thiel W.; Loi M.A.; Brabec C.J.;
Polarons in Narrow Band Gap Polymers Probed over the Entire Infrared Range: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Investigation
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 7, pp 4438–4444 (2016)
136Wei,H.; Fang,Y.; Mulligan,P.; Chuirazzi,W.; Fang,H.; Wang,C.; Ecker,B.R.; Gao,Y.; Loi,M.A.; Cao,L. and Huang,J.;
Sensitive X-ray detectors made of methylammonium lead tribromide perovskite single crystals
Nature Photonics vol.10, p.333-+ (2016)
135Fang,H.; Wang,F.; Adjokatse,S.; Zhao,N.; Even,J. and Loi,M.A.;
Photoexcitation dynamics in solution-processed formamidinium lead iodide perovskite thin films for solar cell applications
Light-Science & Applications vol.5, p.e16056 (2016)
134Shao,S.; Chen,Z.; Fang,H.-.; ten Brink,G.H.; Bartesaghi,D.; Adjokatse,S.; Koster,L.J.A.; Kooi,B.J.; Facchetti,A. and Loi,M.A.;
N-type polymers as electron extraction layers in hybrid perovskite solar cells with improved ambient stability
Journal of Materials Chemistry a vol.4, p.2419-2426 (2016)
133Kurpiers,J.; Balazs,D.M.; Paulke,A.; Albrecht,S.; Lange,I.; Protesescu,L.; Kovalenko,M.V.; Loi,M.A. and Neher,D.;
Free carrier generation and recombination in PbS quantum dot solar cells
Appl.Phys.Lett. vol.108, p.103102 (2016)
132Gordiichuk,P. I.; Rimmerman,D.; Paul,A.; Gautier,D.A.; Gruszka,A.; Saller,M.; de Vries,J.W.; Wetzelaer,G.A.H.; Manca,M.; Gomulya,W.; Matmor,M.; Gloukhikh,E.; Loznik,M.; Ashkenasy,N.; Blom,P.W.M.; Roegner,M.; Loi,M.A.; Richter,S. and Herrmann,A.;
Filling the Green Gap of a Megadalton Photosystem I Complex by Conjugation of Organic Dyes
Bioconjug.Chem. vol.27, p.36-41 (2016)
131Shulga,A. G.; Piveteau,L.; Bisri,S.Z.; Kovalenko,M.V. and Loi,M.A.;
Double Gate PbS Quantum Dot Field-Effect Transistors for Tuneable Electrical Characteristics (vol 2, art 1500467, 2016)
Advanced Electronic Materials vol.2, (2016)
130Bisri,S. Z.; Derenskyi,V.; Gomulya,W.; Salazar-Rios,J.M.; Fritsch,M.; Froehlich,N.; Jung,S.; Allard,S.; Scherf,U. and Loi,M.A.;
Anomalous Carrier Transport in Ambipolar Field-Effect Transistor of Large Diameter Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Network
Advanced Electronic Materials vol.2, p.1500222 (2016)
129Lai,L.; Speirs,M.J.; Chang,F.; Piveteau,L.; Kovalenko,M.V.; Chen,J.; Wu,J. and Loi,M.A.;
Increasing photon absorption and stability of PbS quantum dot solar cells using a ZnO interlayer
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