Oktober 2011: Prof. dr. Maria Loi wins the Minerva Prize 2011.

The FOM Foundation for Fundamental Reseach on Matter has awarded the Minerva Prize 2011 to FOM workgroup leader Prof. Maria Loi. She receives this prize for her article about a new discovery for the use of carbon nanotubes for optoelectronic nanodevices.
The FOM advisory committee was highly impressed by the quality of her article that was published last year in Advanced Materials when Loi was working at the University of Groningen.
Maria wins Minerva prize

The Minerva Prize rewards the best scientific publication from a female researcher about a physics subject during the past two years. The Minerva Prize was presented to Maria on 17 January 2012 during the Congress Physics@FOM Veldhoven.

Read more on the FOM website: English or Nederlands.