June 2012: Jia Gao receives Rubicon Grant from NWO.

our former PhD student Jia Gao is awarded a Rubicon Grant for his proposal concerning “Graphene nanoribbons”.

Jia summarizes:

“Graphene has garnered massive interest from both academic and industrial researchers since it was isolated in 2004. However, the lack of electronic bandgap remains a bottleneck for the utilization of graphene in electronic devices, field-effect transistors in particular. One of the most promising approaches to open up a bandgap is to narrow the width of graphene into “nanoribbons”. Here I propose a bottom-up synthetic strategy to produce graphene with precisely controlled width and edge structure. Structural characterization will be performed with synchrotron-based soft x-ray spectroscopic methods. In addition, I will explore an unprecedented method for the fabrication of graphene nanoribbon based electronic devices by in-situ oxidation of polymeric precursors. The key advantages of this proposal are the scalable synthesis of structurally precise nanoribbons and the comprehensive structural and electrical characterization of graphene nanoribbons. This study will pave the way for graphene nanoribbons towards high performance field-effect transistors and optoelectronic devices.”