Photophysics and OptoElectronics Group

Welcome to the website of the Photophysics and OptoElectronics Group of Prof.dr. Maria Antonietta Loi.

Our group focuses on the study of the photophysic and optoelectronic properties of solution processable semiconductors, such as:

  • hybrid perovskites
  • colloidal Quantum Dots
  • organic semiconductors
  • carbon nanotubes

The ultimate purpose of our studies is the application of these new materials in cheap and high performing solar cells and other electronic devices.

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We are a member of the Zernike Institute for for Advanced Materials (ZIAM), and have a web presence at the ZIAM site as well.

Our most recent post:

Bart’s new paper is out – stability in metal halide perovskites

Bart's latest paper in Energy Technology has just gone online. In "Stable Cesium Formamidinium Lead Halide Pervskites: A comparioson of Photophysiscs and Phase Purity in Thin Films and Single Crystals", he investigated the stability of metal halide peroskite compounds...

Maria comments on new developments in quantum dot solar cells

Led by Joseph M. Luther, a team of scientist at NREL and collaborators has recently acheived a new record high efficienc in quantum dot based solar cells. For a news article by Ahmad R. Kirmani, Maria was asked to give her opinion on these new developments. Read the...